We take great pride in annoucing the opening of our first clinic abroad, in London, which follows the same principles that guide GSD Dental Clinics brand towards Excellence.

This expantion to the United Kingdom is due to our conviction that we have more than enough knowledge and skill to be able to add quality and value in that market’s oral health services.

Portugal ranks one of the best dental medicines in the World and we train top professionals that are ready to take the lead across borders. At GSD Dental Clinics, through GSD Academy, we have been training around 30 english dentists each year who come to us to complete their training in several areas, namely implantology. Now we have indeed stablished our brand in England.

This effort says a lot about the courage and enterpreneurship spirit of our team and it’s much more likely to happen thanks to the trust and cohesion that we build indoors. This gives us the strenght to embrace such a challenge.

13 years after the beginning, with only one office and one nurse, in Caldas da Rainha (which would end up being the origin of the group of 5 clinics that we have today in Portugal), we arrive at another important milestone in GSD Dental Clinics history. Internationalization!

We wish to thank each of our patients for without their engagement and trust none of this would be possible!

If you wish to know more or drop by for a visit, check the details in our London Clinic's page.

Gonçalo Dias